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ACTRAN is a nomadic hero team that attempts to intercept organized terrorist activity with the use of sophisticated surveillance tech and weaponry. In instances where a terrorist event happens, the team delivers swift & thorough justice! A.C.T.R.A.N. is an acronym for: American Counter-Terrorist Retaliatory Action Network.


Lebunals are an 8-member team of heroes powered through a proprietary, top-secret nano-technology that exists within the anatomy of each team member. The tech provides the team extraordinary e-human abilities and is powered by a energy-orb that tethers to each hero, making the team an effectively powerful heroic fighting force!


Adolescent Alliance is a teenaged team of enhanced humans who all sought valuable purpose versus the lone world of having hidden special talents. Each member hopes to harness their existence for good, to be a positive impact in the evil world. Unfortunately, they have drawn the ire of both, authorities and villains to be used as pawns in a bigger sinister scheme.


Freedom Faction is a heroic team of seven members that exist to fight evil regimes, governments, and villains throughout North America and in some oppressive areas throughout the world. The team is remarkably resilient in their efforts to eliminate evil authorities oppressing the human rights of all humans, each made in the image of God. 


The UHF is a superhero interceptor network composed of five teams – each strategically located in a different region within the Western Hemisphere.  The UHF acts as a hero attack and defense force performing different vital and government-interest tasks.  

But the UHF’s main purpose for existing is to – under the authority of established governments – antagonize and keep in check the independent hero teams. 


Siege is a very different kind of hero force in that they are brutally violent in dealing with villains, criminals and what they deem as ''undesirables' to civilization. Siege operates with a multi-billionaire handler who is suspected to have a deep animosity for disorder, chaos, and practitioners of illegality. Siege verifies evidences before taking offensive measures to defeat the enemies of societal order.


Serpentine Sect: a private, nearly impenetrable, secret society with historical roots in Western governments and shadow operatives in blue chip industry and Deep State agencies in the US government. The Serpentine Sect seeks to gain control of the world through a "New World Order," using the financial markets, political leverage and its unholy pacts with sworn enemies of civilization.


The Strategic Hero Deterrent Sector (SHDS) is a controversial, federally funded, far left-wing hero opposition organization dedicated to the elimination of unsolicited hero activity, based on the erroneous presumption that heroes and heroism itself is to blame for all villain activity. These claims remain unproven, yet the SHDS is aggressive in going after heroes using the leverages of government, false media, and sabotage.

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