Envision Comics is a new “real-world” fictional comic realm composed of nearly 600 fresh, modern characters, encompassing superheroes, villains, mercenaries, civilian characters and functional organizations, created with the intent of publishing ongoing comic titles based on a unique character set that shares very little with any established comic realm. The original idea of the Envision Comic Universe began in 2009 and over the years it has developed into an atypical comic realm that seeks to obliterate the notion that comics must be victims of the culture to thrive in it. As the world’s first and only modern, pro-American comic realm, the Envision Universe is designed entirely from the ground up! It employs strict guidelines or principles to avoid common snares of fictional comic themes, allowing it to be vastly different than any of its competitors. It is a “smart” realm in that it is intelligent on modern issues while taking a counter-culture (think politically incorrect) position on socially relevant matters. The striking character set is ethnically diverse and proves to rival anything currently on the market. Our exceptional entertainment experience (E3)  formula is based on three tactical components:     1.  Modern Design (Style):  ECU characters & the ECU realm can easily pass the “cool factor” test    2. Central Core Values (Substance):    Creates cohesive consistency in the realm     3. Valuable Purpose (Relevance):    Allows incorporation of truth, principle & current events within it  These tactical components are what make the ECU boldly dissimilar from its competition. The Envision Universe is not a “me too” comic concept, but a genuine departure from conventional comic craziness and exists as the development basis for the Envision Universe Comic Realm and characters. There would be very little purpose in launching the ECU unless it presents a significantly substantial alternative to or a deviation from the status quo.

OUR REALM loaded with Heroes, Villians, Mercs, Teams, Civilians and awesomely unique concepts!


There are many heroes populating the intriguing Envision Universe, a reality comic realm where extraordinary heroes combat the evil elements of a world cursed by pride, greed, power, unbridled progressivism and sin...


The unsettling thing about villains is that they’re all evil.  Some villains are more vicious than others, but any bad guy with the ability to create chaos & devastation by force or by proxy, is a dire and cataclysmic threat to civilization... 


Besides the obvious trademarked ultraheroes and villains, it is the mercenary character set that tends to operate within the gray area boundaries between good and evil. Mercenaries provide an interesting dynamic in the universal struggle between the two opposing forces...


One of the most interesting dynamics in any fictional comic realm, is the relational bonds that key characters have with other characters. This includes  impact-bearing civilian characters, which provides a vital dimensional dose of reality that transcends mere entertainment...  


Monthly Hero Titles

Like any reputable comic universe, we have our primary, staple heroes who distinguish our comic universe from any others. These titles identify the ones that will emerge with their own monthly titles by the year's end. We will be unveiling more exciting character titles & primary heroes regularly! 

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